Global Airlines Announces A380 Cabin Update

Daniel Fowkes
22 Dec 2023
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Global Airlines has announced updates involving the cabin of its Airbus A380 as it gears up to launch flights from London Gatwick to destinations around the world using only the world's largest passenger plane

Global Airlines, a prospective airline looking to debut with flights utilising the Airbus A380 from the United Kingdom, has announced a new partnership.

Work Continues On Airbus A380s

Global Airlines says it has added Factorydesign as the company set to lead the design of the onboard product for the Airbus A380s at Global.

Factorydesign is a West London-based award-winning agency and has a presence seen throughout the world. Global says it has been working with Factorydesign for some time; however, a formal announcement has come regarding the interior.

Global Airlines will work with Factorydesign to ensure the end product aligns with their core brand guidelines. A strong focus on enhancing long-haul travel will be made by offering passengers innovation and a leading product.

An impression of the new entrance to the main deck.

A commission concept of First Suite will be exhibited through 2024 and will be worked on by Global and Factorydesign.

A Collaboration Extends With JETMS

JETMS was previously announced as a critical partner of Global Airlines, and the expectation is they’ll bring the work Factorydesign does to life.

Global Airlines says that work will begin on the first V1 A380 during the early stages of 2024. To start this process, though, JETMS will take part in a massive refurbishment of the A380’s interiors.

V2 aircraft, as they’re being known, are the aircraft joining the fleet later down the line and will also see visible overhauls in their cabin to align with Global Airlines. However, the work will be ultimately different to that of V1 aircraft.

Comments From Executives

There are very few projects like this in aviation. It’s a unique opportunity for me and the team to get our creative juices flowing and deliver a new, exciting A380 experience for passengers. Onboard is a huge part of any trip and I want passengers to be excited to fly, and that’s what we’re committed to delivering for Global. And given the scale of the aircraft, and the brief from the airline, we can genuinely innovate from both experiential and hard product perspectives.

Adam White, owner and partner of Factorydesign

The UK is a leader in aircraft interior designs, and it speaks volumes for the progress we are making that Adam and the team at Factorydesign are now officially onboard with us driving the innovation we are all excited to see on our aircraft. They have worked on some of the most exciting projects in the industry over the past three decades, developing products that passengers all over the world, including me and many of our Global team members, admire and love.

James Asquith, CEO and Founder of Global Airlines

The Curious Case Of Global Airlines

Global Airlines emerged as a start-up looking to change the aviation industry with an Airbus A380 operation, seeing cities worldwide connected from London.

James Asquith, the Chief Executive and Richard Stephenson, the Chief Commercial Officer, back the company. Since it entered the market, the start-up has made headlines for its ambitious fleet and business plans.

Global Airlines wants to fly to Los Angeles and New York initially. These two locations in the United States will form part of its initial route map, with operations based at London Gatwick.

However, the company says it has significant future ambition to begin flying to many more locations globally. This will be achieved through the future acquisition of more aircraft.

For Global, though, it has received its fair share of criticism, with more scepticism on the company’s premise rather than hope for a positive outcome.

Global prides itself on operating an aircraft type that hasn’t worked for most customers on a route network that sees substantial competition from legacy carriers. Additionally, the prospective airline will battle large sums to enter slot-restricted airports it intends to fly towards.

The problems at Global Airlines continue with in-depth articles over funding, the fake claims of an AOC, false promises, attacks on media and an aircraft that isn’t fit to fly. However, the company is still progressing, with new partnerships being unveiled.

Whether this airline ever flies remains to be seen; however, most believe it’ll never see the light of day.

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