Etihad Airways Announces Indian Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
04 Jan 2024
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Etihad Airways has announced it's expanded its operations to India with the addition of two new destinations of Kozhikode (CCJ) and Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) on New Years Day 2024.

Etihad Airways has announced it’ll expand its presence towards India by welcoming more destinations from Abu Dhabi.

New Flights Launched

Etihad Airways says that at the turn of the new year, it launched service to Kozhikode (CCJ) and Thiruvananthapuram (TRV), located in India’s Kerala region.

Commencing on New Year’s Day, the belief is that these locations will further enhance the presence of the Abu Dhabi-based carrier in the country.

Etihad notes that with these two new additions, the total number of gateways to the country now sits at 10. The subcontinent is hugely important, and as part of their Journey 2030 plan, they’ll look to continue growing.

EY248/249 runs daily service from Abu Dhabi to Kozhikode (CCJ) with departure at 1440 and arrival into Kozhikode at 1955. After under two hours on the ground, the flight will return to Abu Dhabi at 2130 with a 0005 arrival the following day.

Etihad Airways says this is the service from 1 January 2024 to 30 March 2024. Following this, there will be slight adjustments to the departure times of the flights. However, changes will be no less or more than 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways flight to Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) will operate daily, too, with a 0255 departure from Abu Dhabi and arrival at 0845. After just over one hour on the ground, the service will depart towards the Middle East at 0950 with a 1230 touchdown in Abu Dhabi.

Comments From Etihad Airways CEO

We have established a fantastic group of non-stop routes between India and Abu Dhabi, providing customers with easier access to our growing network without transiting through one of the main Indian hub airports. Seamless and practical connections at Abu Dhabi ensure that our guests can easily access destinations across the GCC, Europe – including our four daily services to London – and North America. Moreover, they have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic stopover in Abu Dhabi as an integral part of their journey.

Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad

Further Expansion Set To Come In 2024

While a focus has been placed on an early 2024 expansion into India to grow its presence, Etihad will also expand to other markets this year.

As part of routes already announced from 31 March 2024, the airline will begin new flights to Boston in the United States. Meanwhile, from 1 May 2024, Nairobi in Kenya will also feature a robust schedule offering.

May is another vital month for service to Europe as it inaugurates non-stop service to Nice in France. Meanwhile, the airline will offer direct flights to the Greek Isles, with Santorini and Mykonos set to feature.

Etihad Continues With Journey 2030 Plans

The airline is plotting growth across the next seven years in Journey 2030.

Etihad Airways has revealed that the significant strategy marks a pivotal point for the airline’s short- and long-term future.

As part of this plan, there’ll be a strong focus on growth and sustainability. Etihad wants to increase customer satisfaction levels further to make it an industry leader for cabin products and experience.

The company hopes to be flying towards over 125 destinations and leveraging its geographical positioning of Abu Dhabi and the Middle East to its advantage in connecting markets East and West.

Additionally, Journey 2030 should see Etihad Airways double its fleet to over 160 aircraft.

Thanks to the doubling of the fleet, a focus will be placed on short and medium-haul destinations alongside new long-haul services to Europe and North America.

Etihad Airways plans to attract 10 million point-to-point travellers to the UAE capital by 2030. This should align with its view of offering economic benefits to Abu Dhabi and, generally, the United Arab Emirates.

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