Emirates Announces Big A350 News

Emirates has announced that it will invest in new-high speed inflight broadband. This is a significant development for the airline that’ll welcome 50 Airbus A350 aircraft scheduled to enter the fleet in 2024. Inmarsat’s GX Aviation will power the inflight broadband.

This is a world-first network that will debut for the first time on their A350 aircraft. As a result, passengers boarding the plane will enjoy uninterrupted connectivity no matter where they’re flying, including the North Pole.

The announcement continues with Emirates’ ambition to offer a world-class onboard service. The airline recently welcomed back its first retrofitted Airbus A380. This is part of a multi-billion dollar program to retrofit 120 aircraft across the A380 and 777 series.

Emirates will retrofit the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 – Source: Emirates

Emirates says the GX network that’ll power their inflight broadband consists of five Ka-band satellites. However, there are only plans to further enhance this with seven more satellite payloads as part of the roadmap laid out by Inmarsat. The company has many ambitions for connectivity and hopes to achieve them in the coming years.

Connectivity in the air has become one of the passengers’ most requested features. Therefore, Emirates’ investment in this for its Airbus A350s should only elevate the customer experience.


  1. It’s a great deal for all emirates users mostly the economy people. Now everybody stands a chance to share the luxurious experience of the modern class in emirates. I believe A350 will be deployed to premium economy.

  2. It’s a superb improvement for the fleet as it will give premium economy clear space from B777 to its own. A great idea from the management!!

  3. I stop flying emirates, after the continue to use 30 year old 777- 200lr on my hometown route. EK221/222.

    • The first 777-200LR entered service in 2006 (about 17 years ago with PIA). Emirates oldest 777-200LRs are 16 years old. I wonder how Emirates uses a 30 year old 777-200LR to your hometown.
      For your information the first ever passenger 777 a standard 777-200 entered service in 1994 (29 years ago) with United Airlines.

    • Emirates has not got any 777-200 or -200LR in their fleet for a few years now. They have only been operating either 777-300 or Airbus 380s since before the pandemic. However, you are welcome to make your own decisions as to what airline you wish to fly.

  4. Not a nice aircraft with leg space for economy passengers!! I tried a newest 350 on Etihad on London-Abudhabi route. 787 is much more convenient.

  5. For economy passengers it’s really not a comfy journey at all, as the leg space and seats are extremely narrow and suffocating with the seat at the front being so close.
    And with the price paid for economy, its really not worth paying.

  6. The best modern commercial plane so far are Airbus A380-800 double decker for its spacious ecnomy with smooth take-off and Boeing 787-800/900 with their coverless auto-dimming window shade and spacious seater.


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