Cebu Pacific Nears New 100+ Aircraft Order

Cebu Pacific will reportedly decide in Q2 if Airbus or Boeing will provide the required 100+ narrow-body aircraft to aid future growth.

Cebu Pacific continues to move towards a big narrowbody order first discussed in 2023 when the airline was said to be diversifying overall risk.

As part of the prospective deal at the time, Cebu were also said to be looking at Airbus or Boeing to provide them with an efficient narrowbody. Cebu was reportedly eyeing a purchase of more than 100 aircraft.

According to the CEO, the airline is now continuing with this process, identifying Q2 of 2024 as when a decision will be made on whether Airbus or Boeing will be selected.

A significant aircraft order will be not just for Cebu Pacific but also the Philippines. Once this order is confirmed, it’ll likely be the largest-ever purchase of aircraft for the country—a noteworthy feat cited last year when discussions were in their early stages.

Ultimately, such a deal will also align with substantial fleet growth plans for Cebu Pacific as they look to grow their fleet in the coming decades. These upcoming narrowbody aircraft will make that growth possible.

Request For Proposals

One of the earliest stages of the order process for Cebu was to issue requests for proposals from key manufacturers. These RFPs allowed Airbus and Boeing to pitch their aircraft to the airline.

Additionally, the pitches would come specifically around availability and much more, which would all be essential in helping determine which direction would be best for Cebu.

After much deliberation, it appears that the A320neo family and 737 MAX jets are likely to be the frontrunners, with the A321neo and 737-10 pitted against each other with room for other possible variants too.

All-Airbus For Now

Cebu Pacific’s fleet currently consists of only Airbus-produced aircraft, including the A320neo and A321neo. Therefore, Airbus would like to think it’s well-positioned to secure this latest order.

Boeing’s mission will be to secure another customer and allow the airline to diversify its aircraft operations. However, to switch to Boeing, Cebu Pacific must analyse if the benefits outweigh the cons.

The 737-10, while cited as likely being put up against Airbus narrowbodies, remains uncertified with no firm timeline for its release, given ongoing delays amongst quality difficulties.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Feb 2024
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