Cebu Pacific To Purchase 100+ New Aircraft

Daniel Fowkes
18 Oct 2023
· Airlines 
A Cebu Pacific Airbus A321neo taking off

Cebu Pacific is reportedly eyeing the purchase of 100 to 150 narrowbody aircraft as part of future fleet plans.

The Philippine-based carrier will look towards Airbus or Boeing to provide the aircraft as it submits proposal requests.

If Cebu Pacific could secure a deal of this magnitude, it would be the largest-ever jet purchase in the Philippines and a strong indication of plans.

Ambitious Fleet Goals

Cebu Pacific hopes that by placing an order tallying three digits for aircraft, it’ll more than double its fleet by the midway point of the next decade.

Southeast Asia has, according to many, experienced a substantial rebuilding of travel following the global pandemic. However, its growth is what is of the most interest.

Cebu Pacific believes the Filipino market and beyond will continue growing over the next two decades, and, thus, it must have adequate planes to meet this demand will be essential.

Behind The Big Future Order

Alexander Lao, the president of the carrier, says that the figure could be worth upwards of USD 12 billion. However, as widely reported, known and discussed, heavy discounts are often handed down to airlines placing orders.

Discounts can be given for various reasons, whether thanks to relationships with the manufacturer, the number of units secured, or other reasons.

Just as much as airlines request proposals towards plane makers, those manufacturers want to win over the contract to provide the said aircraft.

Winning a contract in the three digits for aircraft across a multi-year period would be hugely valuable for Airbus or Boeing; thus, they’ll put forward their best offering and deal.

Cebu Pacific Current Fleet

Cebu Pacific currently operates a fleet of 53 jet-powered aircraft, with 11 units in storage. Notably, this is spread across all Airbus aircraft. Thus, a switch to Boeing would surprise many.

The airline already operates the Airbus A320neo with 12 in-service. Additionally, it flies the A321neo. The airline will still have more units delivered in the future. These future units will help to replace existing A320ceo and A321ceo jets.

For its widebody fleet, the airline utilises the Airbus A330neo. With five in-service aircraft thus far, which is also expected to grow, it has been essential to growth.

Away from engine-powered planes, Cebu Pacific operates a fleet of 14 in-service ATR 72s

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