American Airlines Unveils Expansion

An American Airlines Boeing 777-223ER arriving into Los Angeles International Airport

American Airlines has unveiled plans to expand its international route network for 2024.

New International Routes Coming

An application from the U.S. carrier has been submitted to the United States Department of Transportation to become the only carrier in the U.S. to fly between New York JFK and Tokyo Haneda.

Expansion towards Tokyo has been lucrative for carriers within the United States amid increasing demand. If approved, American would ultimately become the only carrier based in the U.S. to offer such a connection.

Away from Tokyo, American will continue to build its international network for 2024 to offer customers more choices than ever before.

New service to Talum, Mexico, is slated to begin in March of 2024, resulting in more flights than any other airline from the U.S.

A Proposed Tokyo Haneda Connection

If approved, American Airlines wants to utilise the Boeing 777-200 on service between New York JFK and Tokyo Haneda.

The service would complement existing frequencies by partner Japan Airlines. Adding an American service would add more convenient arrival and departure times in New York City.

Additionally, the convenience would extend towards connections from Tokyo Haneda to other Japanese cities or across Asia through a one-stop.

American says the flight would depart New York at 1000 and arrive in Tokyo Haneda the following day at 1305. A departure from Japan would occur at 1505, and a touchdown in New York at 1510. All times are local to their respective city.

American looks forward to presenting our competitive application to provide new and enhanced service to Tokyo’s convenient Haneda Airport. This will be the only nonstop service from JFK to Tokyo operated by a U.S. airline. Joining American’s existing flights from Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles, JFK to Tokyo service adds an East Coast gateway for flights to Haneda, while offering the largest metropolitan area in the U.S. more options for travel to one of the most important business hubs in the world.

Molly Wilkinson, American’s Vice President of Regulatory and International Government Affairs.

Further Expansion Towards Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America

American Airlines says the public should prepare to have fun next summer thanks to an expanded service towards key markets south.

This includes more than 90 destinations across Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America. The following service changes will be implemented to combat increasing demand from June 5, 2024.

A look at the changes coming to the American Airlines network from June 5, 2024
Daniel Fowkes
12 Nov 2023
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  1. Just an FYI…United provides non-stop service from EWR to both NRT and HND. So AA isn’t the only provider providing such service from this corridor.

    This is a welcomed addition for AA, which I discussed with AA EP Team a few months ago.

  2. American Airlines should start services to Pakistan since it’s also a great tourist destination mainly Islamabad and Lahore…!

  3. How about commencing the additional Australian services that were promised right before Covid hit?
    How is that that United can expand their service to Australia from numerous US cities, but American only has one route daily?
    I am an executive platinum member that would like to fly in American instead of corners. Yeah

    1. I bet AA sure regrets retiring so many aircraft during the pandemic. Can’t grow without planes and not many new ones are arriving. Poor management and greedy executives are running the airline into the ground.

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