American Airlines Orders 85 Airbus A321neos

American Airlines is growing its order book by announcing a deal for 85 additional Airbus A321neo aircraft for future growth.

American Airlines is extending its commitment to the Airbus A321neo series with an order for an additional 85 units.

The contract was signed broadly as part of the airline’s plans to grow its fleet; this included purchases of additional Boeing 737 MAX jets and Embraer aircraft.

The airline’s total order book for the A321neo stands at 219, with the series expected to be incredibly important for the airline well into the long term and help replace existing A321ceo jets.

Airbus calls the latest deal by American Airlines a massive testament to what the A321neo can bring customers worldwide: unprecedented value with versatile operations as a single aisle.

American Airlines isn’t unfamiliar with the A321 series, having used it for several decades, and the latest iteration in the new engine option was first delivered in February 2019. Since then, the airline has seen around 70 units delivered and has claimed the title of the world’s largest A321 operator of both CEO NEO jets.

An In-Demand Product

These A321neo aircraft bring a 50% noise reduction and 20% fuel savings over the previous generation of single-aisle aircraft, showcasing their substantial benefits to customers.

Airbus has already seen more than 6,000 A321neos ordered, with the family being their best-seller in 2023. Through its derivates, such as the LR and XLR, the series has allowed airlines to secure types that fill their specific niches, and Airbus has done so without being contested by Boeing.

The A321neo is expected to be a hugely important aircraft for airlines long into the 2030s and 2040s, and in preparation, Airbus is readying for production ramp-ups and more to meet this growing need for aircraft.

American Airlines Orders For The Future

American Airlines doesn’t see a commitment to further Airbus aircraft to address short-term demand increases. The deal is seen as a fundamental one for the future.

Ultimately, with such demand for these single-aisle aircraft, the broader A320neo family is sold out through the 2030s. For airlines that require new aircraft as a result in the 2030s and haven’t placed an order this early in advance, the leasing market will be their best bet.

However, if you’re a major airline with funds and a fundamental forecast available, getting in the door now to secure you have aircraft arriving for the next decade or more will be essential to not fall behind competitors.

American Airlines follows its most recent competitor, United Airlines, which also increased its order book to prepare for the future and ensure it has enough coverage when the 2030s roll around.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Mar 2024
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