American Airlines Orders 85 Boeing 737 MAXs

American Airlines orders 85 Boeing 737 MAX jets, expands fleet with 737-10 model

American Airlines has announced a sizeable commitment with Boeing to boost its fleet offering by including further 737 MAX jets.

As part of the new deal, the airline has secured a new contract for 85 aircraft, all 737-10. However, the company has announced options for a further 75 additional 737-10s in the future should it wish to activate these.

The commitment extends through the up-gauging and overall conversion of an existing deal for 30 of the 737-8s, switching these to the 737-10.

A contract is part of American Airlines’ mission to modernise and simplify its fleet. Selecting the 737-10 is the best possible variant to achieve their ambitions and ensure their fleet remains one of the youngest in the United States long into the future.

Additionally, the 737-10 is viewed as a plane that’ll bring significant efficiency once delivered alongside the best network and record-setting operational reliability, per the airline’s CEO Robert Isom.

Double The 737 MAX Commitment

The airline has doubled its order book to more than 150 MAX aircraft thanks to this latest deal. Ultimately, this extends even further when factoring in the available options to be activated.

The 737-10 will work alongside the already flying and upcoming 737-8s, with each variant set to offer something different for the airline.

American Airlines adds the 737-8 will be best suited for its long-term growth strategy with a keen eye on its domestic operations. Thanks to the larger capacity of the 737-10, which can seat up to 230 passengers, several markets that could benefit from additional capacity are within reach.

Ultimately, however, the 737-10s will bring fantastic levels of fleet commonality, per the airline, and work hand in hand with its 737-8.

American’s selection of the 737-10 will provide even greater efficiency, commonality and flexibility for its global network and operations. Our team here at Boeing is committed to delivering on this new order and supporting American’s strategic growth with one of the industry’s largest and most modern fleets.

Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes

A 737-10 Purchase

American Airlines purchasing the 737-10 comes at a time when fellow and major U.S airline United Airlines has published guidance identifying the 737-10 is not in its short to medium-term fleet plan.

The 737-10, alongside the 737-7, remains a variant that is not certified and thus unable to fly with passengers onboard. Additionally, the aircraft does not seemingly have a timeline of when it’ll be approved. As a result, question marks are visible over purchasing the plane to meet growing demand and the need for capacity.

American Airlines has broken the trend of questioning the aircraft by committing in sheer numbers to the variant, further giving Boeing the push necessary to certify the popular high-capacity MAX variant.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Mar 2024
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