Alaska Airlines Passengers File Lawsuit

Following an incident taking place on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 four passengers have launched legal action citing associated trauma.

Passengers aboard the Alaska Airlines 737-9 flight that suffered a pressure issue following a door blowout are now filing a lawsuit.

Four Passengers Sue

A total of four passengers are now in the process of suing Alaska Airlines for the trauma they experienced aboard what was meant to be a routine flight.

Intense fear, distress, anxiety, physical pain and trauma are all key points being mentioned following the incident and according to the complaint by four passengers from those residing in California and Washington.

Legal action being taken doesn’t come as a shock to many onlookers, expecting it to happen when rather than if.

The Alaska Airlines Incident

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX operating with service from Portland to Ontario suffered a significant decompression as the rear mid-cabin exit door separated from the aircraft.

The incident occurred only briefly after the plane departed from Portland. Data indicates that the specific variant impacted was the Boeing 737-9 with a registration of N704AL. This aircraft was only delivered to Alaska Airlines a handful of months ago.

Flightradar24 data highlights that the 737-9 reached a maximum altitude of just over 16,000 feet before being forced to return to Portland.

Those aboard the aircraft reportedly sustained minor physical injuries, with clearance from medical professionals taking place shortly after.

However, the legal action now comes following the trauma as passengers believed they were sending their final texts to family and friends.

Daniel Fowkes
18 Jan 2024
· Airlines 

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