Alaska Airlines Confirms Support Of Boeing

Alaska Airlines has confirmed its support of Boeing as an all-Boeing operator following safety concerns, groundings and an incident.

Alaska Airlines says being “Proudly all Boeing” is not just a tagline; the carrier notes it’s a commitment.

Following a public statement by CEO Ben Minicucci, the airline has addressed concerns around safety and provided updates on future outlook and more.

Preliminary Inspections Completed

Alaska Airlines has said that technicians from the maintenance and engineering divisions have completed the required preliminary inspection on a group of grounded 737-9s.

These inspections followed requests from the FAA with data to be provided to American plane maker Boeing. Once Boeing receives this data, it’ll be analysed, and the FAA will consult with them to build adequate steps to re-approve and enter back into service.

Alaska Airlines says it’s now currently awaiting the next steps based on the information they’ve collected. The hope is that final inspections will soon be able to take place.

The FAA, however, despite this progression in the process, has no timeline for the return to service of the Boeing 737-9. The priority is safety, which cannot be achieved by focusing on speed.

CEO Issues Statement To The Public

Ben Minicucci, the CEO of Alaska Airlines, addressed the public in a video message airing across social media, including YouTube.

In the video, the CEO spoke highly of the crew aboard the 737-9, who reacted quickly to return the plane to Portland safely with no major injuries.

The company once again reiterated that the safety of employees and guests is its priority, and they’ll do everything in their power to keep it that way.

Further updates were revealed as part of a direct response to the grounding.

The company once more confirmed it has been cancelling between 110 to 150 flights per day as the 737-9 accounts for about 20% of its currently active fleet.

While this impacts its operations, safety is its number one priority. Thus, the plane will remain grounded for as long as required only if it meets all the relevant high standards that it should’ve complied with initially.

Inspections have also occurred across the past week; the CEO said the Maintenance & Engineering professionals are moving forward with strong experience and a microscope to comb through the planes.

Alaska Supports Boeing

During a statement, the CEO said it had flown Boeing aircraft since 1966 and thus has built a strong partnership with the plane maker. This relationship, Alaska Airlines says, is based on transparency, candour and accountability.

Alaska Airlines says it will work closely with Boeing to uphold the highest quality and safety standards for aircraft delivered.

The carrier previously announced it would inspect Boeing’s production practices to get to the bottom of the continued quality escapes.

Proudly all Boeing is what the CEO described as not just a tagline but rather a commitment. This commitment was heightened when Alaska Airlines said goodbye to all-Airbus produced aircraft acquired through a Virgin America merger last year.

Daniel Fowkes
18 Jan 2024
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