Airbus Smashes Order & Delivery Goals For 2023

Daniel Fowkes
13 Jan 2024
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Airbus has smashed its goals for 2023 with thousands of aircraft orders recorded and the company beating its delivery target set. The plane maker recorded orders for aircraft families such as the A220, A330neo, A350 and A320 family of aircraft.

Airbus has published its 2023 order and delivery tally, indicating a solid year for the European plane maker following a challenging period.

Delivery Target Beaten By Airbus

After a disappointing end to 2022 that saw Airbus miss their delivery target thanks to increased pressures on the supply chain, the plane maker confirmed it surpassed its 2023 target.

Airbus delivered 735 commercial aircraft throughout 2023, which represented an increase of 11% over 2022 and also saw them beat their initial target of 720.

As part of the deliveries, the manufacturer saw 87 customers worldwide welcome new aircraft, which Airbus believes indicates their perseverance in a challenging period.

Airbus initially believed it would struggle until the 2023-25 timeframe. However, it has been pleasantly surprised yet also shocked at the speedy recovery across the industry.

Aircraft Delivery Breakdown

Airbus delivered 68 A220 family aircraft to customers, representing an increase from the 53 recorded one year prior.

The A320 family was the series that brought up the bulk of the 735 deliveries. Airbus recorded 571 deliveries across the A320 family, increasing from 516 in 2022.

Deliveries, however, for the A330 family stayed the same year-over-year, with just 32 units being delivered. As a result, the A330 family, especially the A330neo, can be viewed based on data as the worst performing for the plane maker.

The A350 family saw a minor increase from 60 deliveries in 2022 to 64 in 2023.

Ultimately, all the increases made a difference, with total year-round deliveries jumping from 661 in 2022 to 735 in 2023.

Comments From Executives

2023 was a landmark year for Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft business with exceptional sales and deliveries on the upper end of our target. A number of factors came together to help us achieve our goals, including the increased flexibility and capability of our global industrial system, as well as the strong demand from airlines to refresh their fleets with our most modern and fuel-efficient aircraft. This is a remarkable achievement. My thanks goes to our customers, supplier partners and all the Airbus teams who made it happen

Guillaume Faury, Airbus CEO.

Another Year For Big Orders

2023 also represented a significant moment for aircraft orders. The manufacturer welcomed 2,319 gross orders or 2,094 net across its families.

Among the strongest performers were the A320 family, where 1,835 aircraft were staggeringly ordered, and 300 A350 family jets.

The year was undoubtedly highlighted by a solid commitment from India, with Indigo and Air India. The pair announced aircraft orders tallying hundreds in quick succession.

At the end of 2023, Airbus says its backlog sits at a staggering 8,598 aircraft and continues to grow with more aircraft orders than deliveries.

As a result, production increases will need to start taking shape. These increases ensure Airbus can begin working through this large backlog more adequately and not face.

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