Airbus Eyes 800 Deliveries In 2024

Daniel Fowkes
16 Feb 2024
· Aircraft 
Airbus is targeting 800 commercial aircraft deliveries amid a successful 2023 as it continues towards several production ramp-ups

Following a solid 2023 that saw revenues climb 11% year over year, Airbus targets 800 commercial aircraft deliveries for the 2024 calendar year.

This is an increase from the 735 units delivered in the 2023 calendar year, which was above previously laid out expectations of 720. This was Airbus’ first year of meeting expectations following the pandemic, as in 2022, it fell short of its yearly delivery goal.

Airbus is enjoying substantial demand across its company; however, ensuring a balance between the supply chain and demand is another crucial factor. If demand outweighed the supply chain’s capabilities, the plane maker would scramble to deliver planes on time to critical customers.

In 2023, the manufacturer said it was able to see revenues tally some 65.4 billion euros, which was an 11% rise from 2022’s performance, which saw revenues stand at 58.8 billion euros. Airbus commercial aircraft activities generated a 15% revenue increase, primarily reflected by the higher delivery tally year-over-year.

Production Ramp Ups Coming

Across aircraft programs, Airbus is targeting the continued move towards 4 aircraft per month produced for the A330 family in 2024 with a view of 10 Airbus A350 jets produced per month in 2026. These adjustments will help the plane maker meet the continuously growing backlog.

Additionally, the A220 sees a ramp-up of its monthly production rate as the plane maker moves towards 14 aircraft per month in 2026. Per the plane maker, the A320 programme is progressing well towards the previously announced rate of 75 aircraft per month in 2026.

As a result, while 2023 was labelled as a landmark for the manufacturer, 2026 will be hugely important as several aircraft programs look to reach their

2024 Outlook

Airbus says that foreseeing any significant disruptions that are not within its current view, the guidance is to deliver, as mentioned, 800 commercial aircraft throughout the year.

Additionally, the manufacturer will look towards adjusting EBIT between 6.5 billion and 7 billion euros with free cash flow before customer financing of around 4 billion euros.

Ultimately, while Airbus was able to enjoy a solid 2023, there are continuously moving pieces of the global economy, such as conflict, air traffic, supply chains and much more, that can play a role in negatively impacting the plane maker.

However, for the moment, Airbus believes it’s well poised to enjoy another successful 2024 that’ll ultimately look once more to see it hold the title of the world’s number one commercial aircraft manufacturer.

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