Airbus Overtakes Boeing With Deliveries

Airbus has announced its April orders and deliveries, revealing it delivered 54 aircraft to customers globally. As a result, despite a poor start to 2023, the company now overtake competitor Boeing.

Boeing revealed that they only delivered 26 aircraft following new problems identified in the supply chain with the 737 MAX.

Airbus also noted that it had seen 144 net orders this calendar year, adding just five from undisclosed customers for the month just gone.

Deliveries for April included six A220-300s, 17 A320neos, 24 A321neos, one lone A319neo, two A330-900s to customers, and four of the A350-900s.

Despite a poorer-than-expected first quarter of 2023 regarding deliveries, the manufacturer is still targeting 720 commercial aircraft deliveries.

Based on current figures, if the company delivered 54 aircraft for every remaining month, they’d be at 613 delivered by the end of the calendar year.

The company hopes to reach the delivery goal outlined after 2022’s late push but still saw them fall short of expectations. As a result, 2023’s target also represents an increase.


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