Boeing Deliveries Drop Massively

Off the back of a significant order for aircraft from Ryanair, Boeing has posted its April orders and deliveries, offering an insight into how the first month of the second quarter went.

For Boeing, it’s relatively bleak as they saw deliveries slip considerably to only 26 units. This comes off the back of another flaw in the aircraft preventing the series from being delivered as the company would like.

Per Boeing’s orders and deliveries sheet, the planemaker delivered 4 737 MAXs to Ryanair, 4 737 MAXs to Southwest and then 2 737 MAXs to United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Air Lease Corporation, with all other deliveries to customers being of one unit.

In March, Boeing delivered a staggering 64 aircraft. Following the posting of April’s results, the American aircraft manufacturer has delivered 156 units to customers globally, with Southwest, Ryanair and United being the most important concerning total units delivered.



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