Airbus Announces 113 Orders For November

Daniel Fowkes
06 Dec 2023
· Aircraft 
An Airbus A350-1000 departing wearing Airbus house colours.

European plane maker Airbus has published its orders and deliveries for November 2023, highlighting another strong month.

Airbus Nears 2023 Targets

Airbus delivered 64 aircraft to 40 customers during the month, bringing it closer to its eventual ambition of 720 deliveries for the year.

Based on current tallies for the 11 months of the year, the plane maker has delivered 623 planes to 82 customers. This means the manufacturer must ship off 97 jets in the year’s final month to reach this goal.

Interestingly, for Airbus, this would leave their end-of-year target within reach as, based on previous performance, December has always remained busy.

Last year, Airbus aimed to deliver 700 planes. However, it fell short of this target after supply chain struggles impacted the smooth operation throughout the year. As a result, the company scrapped 2022’s overall ambitions in favour of rebuilding its damaged supply chain.

Airbus Records Steady Orders During Month

The European plane maker has said that its yearly net order tally sits at 1,395, a figure following cancellations across the 11 months. However, overall orders won stand at 1,512.

In November, gross orders came in at 113 during a month that saw the arrival of the 2023 Dubai Airshow, where orders are typically the focal point.

As part of the month, several new orders were placed at the Dubai Airshow, among other adjustments in orders from Air India and their commitment to the A350.

International Airlines Group, home to British Airways, Aer Lingus and Iberia, saw orders. British Airways was recorded to have taken orders for four new aircraft spread across the A320neo family. Meanwhile, Aer Lingus were noted down for two A320neos.

Recapping Airbus’ 2023 Performance Thus Far

In 2023, Airbus has seen total gross orders tally of 1512. As part of this, the two most prominent aircraft types ordered have been within the A320neo family.

However, the A321neo is the most popular in a shift, with 790 aircraft ordered. This was primarily aided by Indigo’s substantial commitment to tallying 375 jets placed in June.

Ultimately, though, it reaffirms the narrowbodies’ place within the industry. Additionally, it’ll be to the long-term success of many companies.

Thus far, the A350 has seen total orders stand at 146 in 2023, primarily driven by Air India’s commitment to the program towards the end of June. A total of 68 A350-900s and 78 A350-1000s make up the 146 figure.

The A220 series has also enjoyed success throughout 2023, with 77 gross orders. The most prominent member of the series, the A220-300, is leading the way with 71 of these commitments.

Ultimately and unsurprisingly, the A330neo program has been the worst performer of the year. Airbus has secured just 37 gross orders this year. This includes only one order from a private customer for the A330-800 in 2023. The remaining 36 orders form the vastly more popular A330-900.

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