Air Peace Begins London Flights

Air Peace has launched flights towards London from Lagos in Nigeria, labelled as a landmark moment for the airline and citizens.

For the first time in almost a decade, Air Peace has relaunched its service to London, offering flights to London Gatwick from Lagos in Nigeria.

The landmark relaunch is part of the airline’s efforts to provide peaceful connectivity across key cities, staying true to its business name and philosophy.

Air Peace also highlights the nonstop nature of the services with enhanced connectivity to Nigerians. Previously, the airline said customers would need to head towards Qatar Airways or other countries to get to London, and now they’ll be able to do so more efficiently.

Securing a foreign carrier operator permit (FCOP) was crucial for the airline to launch service to the United Kingdom. In November 2023, this was achieved, and the wheels were put in motion to begin scheduled passenger flights officially.

However, launching services wasn’t easy, as slots are hard to come by in the United Kingdom and especially London, where airlines worldwide highly seek out these airports.

Air Peace will use its Boeing 777 to connect Lagos with London, and several parties are incredibly important in getting these flights airborne. The connection is slated to be hugely important for both tourism and trade moving forward.

To make this route possible, Air Peace specifically highlights the relationship it has fostered with low-cost airline Norse Atlantic. Air Peace executives say the route wouldn’t be possible without their support. The collaboration is similar to that of existing partnerships between other leading airlines.

Daniel Fowkes
01 Apr 2024
· Routes 

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