Air Japan By ANA Announces First Route

rendering of air japan boeing 787-8

Air Japan is an upcoming Japanese carrier that will act as a medium-haul carrier for All Nippon Airways as a subsidiary.

The airline was unveiled some time ago. However, it is now gearing up for launch with 2024 operations targeted. Now a first route has also been announced.

Air Japan will fly from Tokyo Narita to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi with its Boeing 787, the initial aircraft series it’ll launch with.

While some clarity may be needed on how Air Japan will work with ANA, Japan Airlines and ZipAir’s relationships often will be brought up. ZipAir is a low-cost airline by Japan Airlines, and that’s what ANA plans to do with ANA too.

Regarding the specifics around the launch for Air Japan, flights will begin on the 9th of February, 2024, as NQ001 departs Narita at 1755 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and arrives in Bangkok at 2315.

AirJapan will cater to the diverse needs of leisure and business travelers by offering a wide range of services and fare options, and aim to support the Japanese government’s target of attracting 60 million foreign visitors to Japan by 2030. Delivered under the concept of “Fly Thoughtful”, we invite you to experience a new style of travel that allows passengers to freely select and customize their services.

All Nippon Airways

The 787-8 will be configured with 324 seats, all in economy class, as part of its low-cost model, and as outlined by ANA, the launch of Air Japan and this route are subject to approval by relevant authorities.

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04 Aug 2023
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  1. Good. Another Japanese airline is certainly welcome. ANA does a good job so I expect AirJapan to be run in a very Japanese way which is always a good thing. I’m looking forward to giving them a try sometime next year.

  2. Cool. I admire Japanese style and already enjoy ANA so I look forward to giving this new division a try. That’s if they don’t pack people in like tinned fish.

  3. That’s tough because there are only 2 major International airline carriers in Japan. ANA is a member of Star Alliance while JAL is a member of One World. Unless some Japanese trillionaire would suddenly decide to put-up their own major airline to compete with these two.

  4. There is going to be confusion amongst people who do not realise that Air Japan is not Japan Airways. I cannot understand why ANA would choose this brand name. And there seems to be a distinct lack of clarity about the product positioning. Japan Airways has executed a very clear positioning for Zipair and it is receiving good responses to the pax experience. Not sure I will try Air Japan.

    1. Same thing here. AirChina of China and China Airline of Taiwan had confused people for years. Now Air Japan and Japan Air too?

    2. Air Japan has actually been operating for many years now, just with the same livery as ANA. So it’s not something new, just a rebranding.
      And it’s Japan Airlines, not Airways.

  5. The new airline can start a flight connecting Southern India, notably Chennai to Japan. It will be greatly welcomed by a lot of folks who now have no direct flight.

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