Air France / KLM Orders A350F


Air France-KLM group has announced it has placed a firm order for the Airbus A350 freighter. The aircraft is Airbus’ solution to the growing need for modern freighter aircraft. The order includes four units.

The group says Martinair, a dutch cargo airline, will operate the A350 freighters once delivered. The freight carrier has previously known to fly the MD-11s and many more historic aircraft.

Another A350F endorsement, and a great one too! We are delighted to see the A350F enter the KLM/Martinair world. confirming the relevance this most modern high capacity long range cargo aircraft brings to the airfreight segment. I am very pleased with the way our program is taking off. With 50% less noise, and 40% less fuel burn and CO2 emissions compared to the previous generation aircraft it is replacing.that is hardly a surprise! We thank Air France-KLM Group for their continued confidence.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International

Airbus announced the Airbus A350F in 2022. This a year full of freight announcements as Boeing announced the launch of its 777-8 freighter.

The Airbus A350 freighter is expected to enter into service later this decade and thus far has accumulated 35 orders across seven customers. This is less than the commitments for the 777-8 freighter. However, that program was backed by a mammoth Qatar Airways order.

Daniel Fowkes
28 Jan 2023
· Freight 

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  1. I wonder how KLM will replace their 777s because they haven’t shown any interest in the 777x, it looks like KLM is becoming a majority Airbus airline like Air France and Qantas.

  2. KLM has shown interest in the 777X, just not publicly jet. The 77W will probably be replaced by the 777-9X (not soon). The 772 will probably replaced by the 78X (IGW). However, with the interference coming from Paris, things might change.

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