Air Canada Announces Big Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
15 Nov 2023
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An Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER

Air Canada has announced significant plans to expand its service towards critical Asian locations.

As part of the announcement, there are new routes and seasonal resumptions, among other changes.

Vancouver To See Many Changes Towards Asia

Air Canada has revealed it’ll improve its Vancouver to Hong Kong connection service.

The carrier will offer 11 weekly flights from December 13, 2023, to February 29, 2024, to support the fantastic demand of the Lunar New Year travel period.

Following these increased operations, the airline will return to offering ten weekly flights from March 1, 2024, to October 26, 2024.

Vancouver to Bangkok will see an extended winter seasonal service from December 1, 2023, to May 5, 2024. Four weekly flights have been increased daily between the January and February peak winter season.

Vancouver to Shanghai will see four weekly flights upgraded to the Boeing 777-300ER with a higher capacity to navigate the Lunar New Year and peak holiday period.

This four-month period where the 777-300ER will feature in Shanghai will finally see four weekly flights operated by the standard Boeing 787-9.

From April 3, 2024, the airline will launch a new service from Vancouver to Singapore with four weekly flights.

Vancouver to Osaka will enjoy seasonal flights beginning earlier than usual. Three weekly services will be offered from May 1, 2024, increasing to four weekly from June 17, 2024.

Meanwhile, the aircraft utilised will be upgraded between Vancouver and Narita until April 30, 2024. The airline will operate the 777-300ER thanks to its higher capacity.

Vancouver to Seoul will additionally see flights upgraded to the 777-300ER for the entirety of the winter season in response to demand.

Toronto Gets Expansion To Asia

Toronto will also see a handful of adjustments to its schedule towards Asia in response to growing demand levels.

For the entire summer season 2024, Air Canada will upgrade its service towards Narita to the 777-300ER.

Meanwhile, Haneda will see the 777-300ER operate daily for the entire winter season as a response to the demand.

Seoul will lastly see daily flights operate year-round with the Boeing 787s.

Just One Change For Montreal

Montreal is the last city to see an adjustment to its flying schedule towards Asia for the near term.

Air Canada will send a Boeing 777-300ER towards Narita for the whole summer season, with daily flights available to customers.

Comments From Executives

Air Canada’s Asia services continue to reflect strong demand and we are boosting capacity to this geographic area as we deploy our international diversification strategy. This winter we are pleased to offer up to 57 flights per week between Canada and Asia, and up to 64 flights per week next summer. Air Canada will have up to double daily flights to Hong Kong and larger aircraft operating to Shanghai during the December holiday and Lunar New Year travel periods. Capacity to Japan increases by 96% this winter compared to last year. Next spring, seasonal Osaka flights resume earlier and larger aircraft will operate to Narita and Seoul.

Our upcoming launch of our new route to Singapore and increased capacity on our successful Bangkok route underscores our continued commitment to investing in fast-growing markets in Southeast Asia. With the investments we have made at our global hub airports linking Air Canada’s extensive North American network to our international flights, travelling between North America and Asia is convenient and compelling for leisure and business travellers alike. We look forward to welcoming customers onboard our flights.

Mark Galardo, Executive Vice President, Revenue and Network Planning, at Air Canada.

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  1. It would be interesting to know which flights they are redeploying the 777s from. It’s great to have AC increasing their presence in Asia. Personally, I would opt for the 787 over a 777 pretty much every time. The seats are the same, there are just more of them on the triple seven.

    1. The seats are not the same. The 777 has more comfortable seats than the 787 has. I’ve flown on both and my butt began to hurt on the 787 Dreamliner. I flew from Vancouver to Toronto on a 787 Dreamliner and it was awful.

  2. All good news , I guess, but where are the flights to China? COVID is long over with and there are still no Beijing Flights , nor Toronto to HKG or PVG flights. Those missing elements of their announcement is very disappointing. China continues to be very challenging to get to , both in terms of direct routes that we had before, and the cost to do so on the few limited flights that are available.

  3. Hope the countries that Air Canada is flying to get a reciprocal direct flight to Canadian destinations. Air Canada needs competition.

  4. There definitely needs to be more flights to Indian destinations apart from DEL and BOM. Huge opportunity in the Indian market.

  5. Air Canada is still missing servicing other higher demand destinations to Asia. Places like Philippines and Taiwan. Other airlines that operates this routes direct from Vancouver are raking money operating it.

    1. Exactly. Vancouver to the Philippines flights are every day with Philippines airlines. Maybe Air Canada doesn’t want to compete with Philippines airlines? It’s hard to say.

  6. All these expansion plans by Air Canada are great, but till now, no plans to expand to Africa. The 2nd largest continent with 1.2b people and gas the youngest population in the world by ratio. As well as has the largest deposits of natural resources on earth. What a shame.

  7. I am canadian and flying Air Canada is not an option. Services not anywhere close to the eastern Asian airlines. Also they cannot provide service to their own country adequately or economically. So Korean, eva, Singapore and numerous other providers are well above AC in any decision to fly.

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