Wizz Air Worst Short-Haul Airline


Passenger surveys provide intriguing results, no matter the survey’s topic. In this case by Which?, they’ve targeted the aviation industry and explored what U.K. passengers deem the worst short-haul airline.

Wizz Air has stolen the crown, beating out other popular airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, etc. Which says the survey gave Wizz Air 48% regarding customer score. This was lower than Ryanair, EuroWings and British Airways.

British Airways are, without a shock, relatively low on consumer rating given considerable cost-cutting measures being implemented in the business over recent years. In turn, this has significantly also dropped the service provided, matched with high fares it becomes unfavourable for many.

Thousands of passengers were said to be involved in the survey. A survey deemed Jet2.com was ranked the highest, with a score of 80%, followed by Turkish Airlines with 78%.

Passenger surveys, while they can help understand consumers’ thoughts on a product better, shouldn’t always be deemed accurate. Given the sheer volume of passengers carried by a respective airline per week, let alone per annum, a survey including a few thousand cannot accurately represent the thoughts of all.

While some may decide to base decisions on surveys, for such a survey on airlines, it becomes tough to gauge public perception truly. For example, of almost 10,000 surveyed, 50% rated Wizz Air as poorly. However, if the survey scope was upped to 20,000, those incoming could rate it higher. Therein lies the problem.

Daniel Fowkes
23 Feb 2023
· Airlines 

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