WestJet Officially Closes Swoop

A Swoop Boeing 737 landing into Las Vegas

WestJet has officially completed the integration of Swoop into its mainline business as part of reorganisation efforts.

The development was revealed in a press release thanks to WestJet.

Saying Goodbye To Swoop

Swoop has, in recent years, offered ultra-low-cost flights to customers around North America.

Its operations consisted of Boeing 737 family types and saw five years of development and WestJet’s understanding of the ULCC market.

However, as part of WestJet’s efforts to optimise its group, the decision to shut down the low-cost brand and integrate it into the mainline WestJet was made.

Looking Ahead At The WestJet Group

WestJet says instead of just 16 aircraft operating on the ULCC market; it can now leverage the mainline 180-strong fleet to its advantage. They would be offering affordable travel through a premium inflight experience to its customers.

Concerns, however, over the closure of Swoop and integration into WestJet have remained present. This comes as Canadiens worry that WestJet will not offer cheap fares despite claims it’ll do so.

Additionally, WestJet has laid out plans to densify the rear section of its 737 aircraft with additional seating. It’ll retain a premium cabin up front, however.

These adjustments to its aircraft are set to mean they can offer a broad spectrum of services to customers and keep seats on the cheap wherever possible.

Comments From Executives

As the first ULCC to enter the Canadian market, in 2018 Swoop pioneered the no-frills product in Canada and was best-in-class in generating ancillary revenues. By keeping costs low, Swoop was able to offer the most competitive fares and appeal to Canadian travellers of all demographics. As we conclude this integration, we will learn from Swoop’s successes to best serve our guests with diversified product offerings that meet a variety of needs.

Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer.

Further Expansion From Other Low-Cost Canadian Airlines

Despite the integration of Swoop into the mainline WestJet, other Canadian low-cost carriers exist in the market still.

This notably includes the likes of Flair Airlines and Lynx Air, who’ve jointly announced significant expansions in recent years and months to boost connectivity.

The Canadian space has heated up significantly over recent years, with more carriers entering the market. These new companies have looked to offer expansion to compete with premium and long-standing carriers.

Daniel Fowkes
02 Nov 2023
· Airlines 

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