Vistara Flying 787s & A321neos Domestically

Vistara is canceling flights due to a crew shortage. To cope, the airline is using the 787 and A321neo on domestic flights.

In contrast to United Airlines, which is overstaffed and telling pilots to take unpaid vacation leave to manage Boeing delivery delays, Vistara is cutting flights.

The cancellation of flights comes as Vistara battles a shortage of pilots and general crew to board aircraft and ensure the safety and integrity of each service.

Concerns about the ongoing pilot shortage have existed for some time, increasing for several reasons in recent years as more experienced and older pilots retire. There have been calls for more accessibility to the career, with the costs surrounding the pathway into the career blocking many from pursuing their dreams.

Currently, Vistara says it’s battling ongoing maintenance issues with aircraft, among other difficulties, which means offering a robust service is proving challenging. Additionally, as a means to cope, Vistara is turning to some larger widebodies to be deployed across key routes essential to the network.

These widebodies, like the Boeing 787, are being deployed on quick domestic flights. With its added capacity, Vistara has also turned to the A321neo to complement the 787 and increase capacity on domestic flights that are seeing significant cancellations.

In some cases, Vistara’s ongoing problems are being labelled a “crisis” for the Indian airline. Not only do cancellations impact the airline, but delays also have a knock-on effect across its operations.

The latest cancellations per flight tracking websites involve over 30 key flights from major cities, with several Indian cities facing the effects. Over the weekend, 50 flights with delays were cancelled, affecting almost 200 flights.

Where Vistara, per passengers, is doing itself no favours, is in communication with those affected, only finding out moments before their flight was scheduled to depart. Additionally, confusion inside the terminals hasn’t helped the situation.

Vistara cites maintenance and staff shortages as reasons behind the cancellations, and while true, local media reports more deep-rooted problems. Pilots have reportedly been taking leave in protest of the upcoming pay adjustments following the merger with Air India, which is slated to occur.

Ultimately, it’ll be important for all parties to sort out the ongoing disputes, shortages and more to ensure Vistara can rebuild its network.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Apr 2024
· Airlines 

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