Vistara Brand To Be Shutdown

The Vistara brand will officially disappear after a merger with the Tata Group and Air India is completed.

The decision to discontinue the Vistara brand was seemingly easy for upper management. Their reasoning behind such a choice is that the world knows Air India far better than Vistara. So, while within the country, it may not be the same, the goal is to have a global brand. According to executives, moving forward with Air India as the sole enterprise is the right choice.

The finalised merger involving all parties is set to be completed by 2024. However, this is subject to change. It comes following November 2022’s announcement that involved the news that Air India and Vistara would merge. If one brand was set to disappear, one could argue it would always be that of the less known and less fundamental to the region.

That isn’t discrediting the work done at Vistara to build it up as an actual airline and competitor to shake up the Indian aviation industry. Which has certainly done somewhat of a job.

Now, we will come to the critical stage where decisions must be made about the future. This includes finding essential solutions to problems regarding integration. Ongoing mergers such as Korean Air and Asiana Airlines also deal with a similar situation, fundamentally understanding how the brands will look in the next ten years. The news that Vistara will no longer exist is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Now, there are several hundred more that need sorting out.

Aside from the brand focus, obtaining regulatory approval cannot be understated. This will be pivotal to any plans, and with Air India’s mammoth order for aircraft in recent weeks, they’ll be hoping that the green light is given.


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