Uzbekistan Airways Looking To Sell Aircraft


Uzbekistan Airways is looking to offload some of its widebody aircraft, including its Boeing 757s and Boeing 767s.

The carrier has announced four aircraft, evenly split between the two widebodies, will be put up for sale. However, 18 further aircraft are planned to be removed by the carrier eventually.

The airline currently has 7 Boeing 767s in service, 7 Boeing 787s, 5 A321s and 10 A320s and 1 757 in service per Cirium data.

Uzbekistan Airways recently announced an order with Airbus for 12 aircraft, this included the A320neo and A321neo.

Uzbekistan Airways announced a deal for 12 Airbus narrowbody aircraft.

While these are the initial outgoings, aircraft types such as Ilyushin Il-76s and Ilyushin Il-114-100s will eventually be sold. The aircraft’s sales will depend on interest, whether for parts, scrapping or to fly again. As the converted freighter market booms, these aircraft could become attractive options.

Daniel Fowkes
26 Jan 2023
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  1. The 767s and 757s could be sold for conversion to cargo which would give these aircraft a new lease of life.

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