UPS Announces Expansion In Asia

UPS Airlines Boeing 747-400F N577UP

UPS has revealed plans to improve its connectivity across critical Asian markets following new intra-Asia flights, among other adjustments.

Shipments To Arrive Faster Than Ever

UPS will make several changes to its regional network, which will see shipments delivered sooner with an improvement of one business day.

This will mainly be highlighted by sending and receiving dangerous goods such as lithium batteries and dry ice, notably between Hong Kong and Singapore.

Additionally, the freight operator says it’s cutting critical delivery times on lithium battery shipments from Ho Chi Minh City to the United States alongside Europe. A reduction equates to two business days in a substantial shift to aid customers.

Comments From Executives

This is such an exciting announcement as it significantly benefits a really wide range of businesses located across the region and in a number of high growth sectors such as high tech and healthcare. It comes at a time of real opportunity, particularly for small businesses. In a post pandemic world, we see that supply chains are shifting and becoming more resilient. Companies around the globe require faster delivery times and seamless connectivity to gain competitiveness and capture even more opportunities as they look to build strong and reliable customer bases in markets with huge growth potential.

UPS Asia Pacific President Wilfredo Ramos.

UPS Focuses On Asia More Than Ever

This latest announcement of new intra-Asia flights alongside faster shipping times comes as the company seeks to improve significantly its regional connectivity.

UPS describes several investments as hugely important to the long-term connectivity and future within the region.

In the past week, UPS said it would develop a new hub at Hong Kong International Airport with a vision of spreading it across a land parcel of 20,000 square meters.

Additionally, the freight operator announced an expansion from Changi Airport, which would double the number of packages the facility can process per day. UPS further enhanced its presence in South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and China.

Analysing The UPS Fleet

UPS operates a fleet of 287 aircraft in service with seven units in storage, per the latest data.

Thanks to several commitments to aircraft, UPS has become a mainstay in the air freight market, with flights offered worldwide. From the MD-11F to the A330-600RF, several generations of freighters are present within the fleet.

Additionally, the company flies aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 Freighter. Precisely 28 of the next-generation 747-8Fs and 13 active 747-400Fs are operational.

However, when measured by active units, its two most extensive fleet types is the Boeing 767-300ERF with 84 units. 74 in-service 757-200Fs closely follow the 767 operation.

Daniel Fowkes
13 Dec 2023
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