United Airlines Eyes Tokyo Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
30 Sep 2023
· Airlines 
United Airlines, N14016, Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

United Airlines is eyeing an expansion in Tokyo, specifically focusing on Haneda services.

An application has been submitted to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) requesting the approval to offer additional frequencies.

These Tokyo Haneda slots have been made available thanks to Delta vacating them. United Airlines now has a view to pounce on the availability that has presented itself.

Houston to Haneda is a target route outlined by the airline that it’d like to operate thanks to the new slot available.

Additionally, it would target a five-times-weekly, night-time-only slot held by Hawaiian to operate Kona/Honolulu to Haneda but to utilise this slot to offer a Guam to Haneda service. It believes that Hawaiian has no view of running the flights for which it holds the relevant slots.

Essentially, if Hawaiian would consolidate its flying towards daytime slots, United believes it could boost underutilised Haneda slot pairings to the best usage. It believes these slots are frankly not currently being utilised in the best possible manner.

Tokyo Haneda is already a hugely important part of the United network; being all too familiar with the airport, it feels it’s the best fit for these newly available slots and can benefit customers.

Asia away from Tokyo Haneda is a target region for United that, with the acquisition of more aircraft and adjustments to schedule, hopes to continue growing.

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  1. I’m from Miami ( MIA) and my fingers crossed hopefully either United Airlines or American Airlines to fly between Haneda and Miami ( MIA) in the near future and will be historic first for Miami

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