Turkish Airlines Grounds Boeing 737-9s

Turkish Airlines has announced it'll ground its fleet of Boeing 737-9s following safety concerns over the variant.

Turkish Airlines has grounded its fleet of Boeing 737-9s in response to the significant incident with an Alaska Airlines aircraft on January 6, 2024.

The news of the units being pulled from service comes directly from Yahya Üstün, who acts as the company’s spokesperson.

Following the incident on Alaska Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft, as a result of the preliminary investigation of the authorities, 5 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft in the Turkish Airlines fleet were requested to be examined as a precaution. Until the technical review process in the incident is completed and the measures requested by the authorities are taken, Turkish Airlines has decided to withdraw 5 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft in its fleet from operation at the airport where they will first land. Flight safety is our top priority. It is made available to the public.


These aircraft that have been grounded will now undergo the required inspections and obtain the crucial final approval before they can re-enter service.

However, there’s a degree of uncertainty regarding the re-entry into service and when this will happen—especially considering the lack of understanding over the incident thus far.

Fleet data shows that the five 737-9s delivered to Turkish Airlines are now parked. These aircraft average an age of 4.7 years.

TC-LYA, TC-LYB, TC-LYC, TC-LYD, and TC-LYE are the registrations of the Boeing 737-9s, with these aircraft being delivered from 2019 to 2021.

Turkish Airlines does fly a substantial number of 737-8s. However, this variant remains unaffected by the latest emergency airworthiness directive by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Who Grounded The 737-9?

Several airlines worldwide, including Turkish Airlines, have been either forced or decided to halt operations with their Boeing 737-9s.

Within the United States, the two largest customers of the type are Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. The two significant carriers relying on the Boeing 737-9 for their daily operations have parked all units now.

Alaska Airlines will keep its Boeing 737-9s grounded following an emergency airworthiness directive issued by the Federal Aviation Administration after an incident impacted one of their aircraft.
Photo credit: Sam Almo-Milkin

Copa Airlines announced it had also grounded a total of 21 Boeing 737-9s as part of a response to the FAA’s mandate and the incident taking place on the aircraft with Alaska Airlines.

Aeromexico has also grounded its fleet of Boeing 737-9s with the plug door exit that has been determined to be the focal point of the investigation. Data indicates Aeromexico has 19 737-9s, all of which have mid-cabin exit door plugs.

There are several other operators of the 737-9. However, these companies have escaped the groundings as they do not have the mid-cabin exit door plug. This includes Air Tanzania, Corendon Dutch Airlines, flydubai, Icelandair, SCAT Airlines and Lion Air.

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08 Jan 2024
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