Troubles At Jet Airways Continue

Daniel Fowkes
02 May 2023
· Airlines 

In 2019 Jet Airways collapsed following a host of issues preventing the airline from operating as it would’ve intended.

However, despite its shutdown, the revival of Jet Airways has always been in discussion and seems a matter of when not if. Getting the airline airborne once more has proved challenging, with much dialogue but not much movement.

Last week, the Jet Airways CEO-Designate resigned. Sanjiv Kapoor announced he would depart the airline only a matter of days before the company’s AOC would expire.

Though plans to restart the airline remain at the forefront of the consortium holding Jet Airways plans, despite this hiccup.

Sanjiv had been in place since April 2022, overseeing vital discussions and planning for the airline’s return. The pair worked together extensively to create what is described as a groundbreaking business plan.

Jet Airways has continued to shoot for a restart of operations. However, ultimately, it didn’t meet these targets for relaunch on each occasion.

Court proceedings mean that for Jet Airways, these plans haven’t been made possible; however, it remains determined to relaunch as soon as it’s given the go-ahead.

Once the transfer of ownership can be completed to JKC, the consortium taking over the company plan on paying off outstanding debt and approving critical plans to recommence operations, all this is part of their plans.

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