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The Future of United Airlines

The Future of United Airlines is exciting with growth planned with airports, aircraft, and routes. United were founded some 92 years ago and are approaching their 100th birthday. However, 92 years ago they were founded as Varney Air Lines.

Since then the carrier has expanded greatly with over 86,000 employees and multiple hubs at the likes of Denver, Los Angeles, Newark, San Franciso and more. In addition, the carrier has launched codeshares with various other airlines and used its place in the Star Alliance network to its advantage.

What does the future look like for the airline? Especially after a number of incidents which received major media attention and left people boycotting the airline until changes were made.

United Airlines will be removing a number of aircraft over the coming years and similar to Delta and American Airlines have a lot of streamlining to do. United just recently took delivery of their first 787-10 and over time will welcome a further 13.

They are still welcoming the 787-9s to their fleet. They’ll also welcome 100 Boeing 737 MAX 10s and a further 50 737 MAX 9s. These new MAX aircraft will aid them in fleet replacement and also fleet growth.

United plan on taking delivery of 45 A350-900s, previously this order was placed for the A350-1000 but those orders were converted. If United do take the aircraft they’ll welcome their first in 2022 and their last in 2027.

United Airlines will eventually say goodbye to their older 757s which are being replaced by the MAX 10. This replacement phase will begin 2020.

Another big part of United’s future is the reconfiguration of certain aircraft. The majority of aircraft are going to be reconfigured with the new Polaris seats. All configurations of the 777-200ER will have the new Polaris installed and also the new Premium plus seats installed.

The reconfiguring will help aid the aircraft and airline in the future greatly. With better cabin products or updated cabin products on offer, more people should be inclined to travel with the airline. Especially if that said product is superior to that of the airlines rivals.

United Airlines is also a part of Star Alliance, this has aided them over time and will do in the future. United use their hub in Newark as an excellent point for other members of the Star Alliance to operate in and out of, there are many advantages to carriers doing so but none bigger than the likes of Singapore Airlines who operate currently the worlds longest flight into Newark over JFK.

The decision to operate in United’s Hub means travellers have the opportunity to connect onto United services through the United States and America in general. As they are all a part of the same alliance it’s a huge advantage rather than passengers on the Singapore flight having to travel to Newark from JFK or jump onboard another carriers flight.

After multiple interviews, Washington Dulles and Newark will be the two airports United focuses on heavily in the future. They aim to use these airports to grow their US domestic market share and after what I mentioned earlier about what it offers other Star Alliance members it makes sense. United will continue to increase frequencies on both of these airports to other destinations throughout the US as it aims to continue to grow its market share.

That’s the future of United Airlines. After encountering a number of bad spots in the media through incidents United will be determined to right their wrongs and continue to grow through the new aircraft and further codesharing as well as retrofitting and reconfiguring aircraft. 

Image Credit: Eric Salard


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