Tailwind Air Back For Summer Seaplane Services

Daniel Fowkes
11 Apr 2023
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As the days get longer, the weather warms up on the East Coast of the United States, seaplane operator Tailwind Air has announced its reopening.

From April 14th, the seaplane operator will fly from Bostom Harbor and Manhattan’s Skyport Seaplane Base on East 23rd Street.

Tailwind Air has had a busy past 12 months with countless announcements of new services, historic route launches and much more and is hoping that 2023 will bring more of the same.

The operator utilises the Caravan Cessna EX turboprop amphibian aircraft. It’s quite the name but has been incredibly reliable for its services. Tailwind prides itself on its experience and personal connections made with customers.

The launch of service to Nantucket Airport from Boston Harbor, commencing on May 17th, will be the next piece in the seaplane operators’ puzzle to becoming an even leading force in the sector.

This trip is expected to be 45 minutes, and the service will operate daily during the season. Nantucket has been selected based on thorough studies where it’s been determined that charter clients have long found it popular. Therefore a commencement in service is the logical next step for Tailwind Air.

Tailwind Air is already present in Provincetown, the Hamptons and much more on top of that. In addition, the continued expansion of its route portfolio gives travellers more options.

Additionally, for the summer, Tailwind is launching Fast Lane Club PLUS, which features additional access to unlimited flights from $1 to $5. However, these fares are very much subject to availability. The pass, which joins the existing base Fast Lane Club membership, is priced at USD 4,495, with the cheaper alternative being USD 2,295.

The Fast Lane Club PLUS includes a 50% luggage increase, a 25% discount on excess baggage fees, and bringing a companion (including a dog) on the same booking for the same fare. However, Tailwind notes some restrictions apply to this. Additionally, there’s access to Tailwind Air’s travel concierge, private website and app, alongside many other perks.

These passes will be helpful for a select crowd that will be utilising Tailwind’s services frequently. Ultimately, savings should be felt if used correctly, like most memberships. However, you’d need to utilise the seaplane frequently to justify such a purchase.

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