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Swiss will look to offer premium economy on its Airbus A340s. An announcement comes after the first aircraft featuring the new cabin layout returned to service.

The process began in December as Swiss looked to overhaul the cabin for customers, improving the passenger experience. Swiss confirmed they’d see three further Airbus A340-300s have premium economy seats with an estimated return date of April.

Inside Swiss’ premium economy set to feature on its Airbus A340-300s.

The highly positive feedback that we’ve received from our customers. on the greater seating comfort, the enhanced service, the wider choice of meals and the quality of the food has only strengthened our resolve to offer this top-quality product on more of our routes.

Swiss Chief Commerical Officer, Tamur Goudarzi Pour

A pitch of almost one metre is available, and Swiss says it’ll be bookable on routes from Zurich to Johannesburg and Hong Kong to Chicago from April. It’s worth mentioning this premium economy seat has already been installed on its 777-300ER fleet.

Swiss is part of the Lufthansa Group and has four currently active A340-300s, with 1 in storage. Current aircraft that remain on order include 11 A320neos, 6 A321neos and 5 A350-900s.

Daniel Fowkes
26 Jan 2023
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  1. Strange that LX are upgrading their A340s when they will start receiving A350s from 2025 onwards.

    1. Post
      1. Premium economy is becoming huge
        . Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, BA, Emirates and Singapore are all well into re configuring cabins to give more space over to P/E, that space being taken from economy rather than business class.

    2. It’s not a full upgrade.
      It’s just addition of premium economy, the investment have already been made for the addition before A350 was chosen as a replacement.

      For an aircraft that still have 4yrs with the airline, adding the premium economy cabin is actually worth it.

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