SWISS Unveils Airbus A350 Plans

Airbus A350-900 rolls into paint shop

SWISS has announced further plans for its upcoming Airbus A350-900s, with the cabin layout being revealed.

The new long-haul aircraft will be essential to the long-term future of the carrier within Lufthansa Group, and SWISS has been hard at work understanding customer requirements for such a jet.

It has been determined that the A350-900s will have a total capacity of 242 seats. As a result, the Premium Economy will see an increased focus with 38 seats. SWISS believes this is adequate given the growth witnessed in premier leisure air travel.

Through their carefully-conceived spatial design, all our seating classes aboard our aircraft will offer our guests a totally new and unparallelled air travel experience from 2025 onwards,With our new cabin concept, we will still remain the only major airline in the world to offer a First Class cabin on all its long-haul aircraft. We will also be increasing the size of our Premium Economy Class, which has proved very popular. And in both these respects, we are further clearly positioning SWISS as Europe’s leading premium airline.

SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour.

Moving into other areas of the cabin, though there’ll be three first-class suites, 45 business class seats, 38 in premium economy as touched on and 156 in economy. This makesit a four-class Airbus A350 wlated to enter service in 2025.

SWISS further adds that the premium economy seats will be larger than what are on existing long-haul aircraft making for a more pleasant all-round experience.

Daniel Fowkes
11 Sep 2023
· Aircraft 
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