Southwest Orders 108 Boeing 737 MAXs

Southwest orders another 108 Boeing 737 MAX jets

Southwest has announced a sizeable order with Boeing to acquire 737 MAX jets.

The major deal is a top-up for the significant American carrier that utilises the 737 heavily for operations.

Breaking Down The Deal

Southwest has committed to 108 additional 737-7 jets as part of the deal.

The 737-7, part of the MAX series, is the smallest variant in the family. However, it remains uncertified alongside the most significant type, the 737-10.

Southwest has grown its commitment to the 737-7 as part of the deal, with now close to 200 orders, alongside firm orders for 150+ 737-8s.

A Potential Switch To Airbus

While studying future aircraft to power its fleet, Southwest had been speculated to be entertaining offers from Airbus at one point.

Such a possible deal could’ve included the Airbus A220, which was being put forward alongside the 737 MAX for the future fleet.

Ultimately, Southwest stuck with what was familiar and selected Boeing-powered aircraft.

The newest top-up of 108 additional units is a vote of confidence to the series and American plane maker that’ll now see its backlog for the popular narrowbody extend even further.

A Crucial Aircraft

While uncertified and thus undelivered, Southwest believes the 737-7 will be a hugely important aircraft for their long-term fleet plans.

Additionally, the aircraft should be crucial in modernising the fleet in the coming decades.

Moving towards a single fleet is deemed to be the best possible manner in which to conduct future operations.

Thus, Southwest seemingly entertained the offer from Airbus to acquire the A220 for future flying purposes. Sticking with Boeing and the popular 737 series it relied on for decades made more sense.

Southwest’s Current Fleet

Southwest operates a staggering 813 in-service across the 737 family of aircraft.

Included in the 813 units are 737NGs and 737 MAXs, with the makeup being 605 for the previous generation and 207 for the new generation MAX.

Hundreds upon hundreds of aircraft remain on order as part of the required fleet renewal process. It comes as 26% of the in-service fleet is between 18 and 24 years, with 22% between 12 and 18 years.

Thus, moving forward, the company will work towards updating its fleet with new fuel-efficient types.

When measured by in-service units, its most significant fleet type comes from the 737-700 family with 398 in-service aircraft. This is followed by 208 737-8s in service and 207 737-800s.

Daniel Fowkes
27 Oct 2023
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