Singapore Airlines A380 Returns to Melbourne


After a lengthy absence, Singapore Airlines has returned its Airbus A380 to Melbourne, Australia.

The return of the world’s largest passenger plane is an important moment for Melbourne’s continued recovery from the pandemic and highlights the importance of the Melbourne-to-Singapore connection.

The Melbourne to Singapore is one of Singapore Airlines’ most essential pairings, with in April 2023, a total of 239 flights being made available. This represents a 29.9% jump over April 2022’s performance.

Adding the Airbus A380 means this will be the third aircraft type flown on the route by Singapore Airlines. It’ll join the A350 and 777 already featured.

However, while a boost in capacity for Singapore Airlines, it joins a host of competitors also on the route, such as the Qantas Group with Qantas and Jetstar flights.

Singapore Airlines’ low-cost arm, Scoot, also connects the Melbourne to Singapore points with a cheaper price point, offering a no-thrills service for those looking for a bargain.

Through October, the A380 will replace an existing 777 service, boosting capacity and offering customers a chance to experience the highly sought-after A380 product on the Singapore flag carrier.

As borders have relaxed, demand has only grown, and this is another confidence boost towards Melbourne’s full recovery as airlines return, routes resume, and new airlines explore the possibility of boosting service.

Daniel Fowkes
16 May 2023
· Airlines 
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