Silk Way West Orders Another 777 Freighter

Silk Way West has announced the purchase of another Boeing 777 Freighter to boost its commitment to the aircraft type.

Silk Way West has announced the purchase of an additional Boeing 777 Freighter.

The new aircraft purchase is set to be delivered in 2025, and the company says such a purchase follows an amendment of an existing commitment for aircraft that was signed in 2021.

Silk Way’s initial contract involved purchasing five Boeing 777 Freighter jets, two of which Silk Way says have already been delivered.

The remaining aircraft alongside this additional unit will be delivered by 2027 at the latest.

A purchase of an additional Boeing 777F will allow the company to expand its commitment to the regions it serves while also introducing an eco-friendly and modern aircraft type.

A Popular Aircraft For Now

The Boeing 777F, while set to be outdone by the upcoming 777-8F, is still a current leader in its own right. This is largely thanks to its availability in the market nowadays.

For leading freight operators that need an immediate solution to growing demand in their region, potential fleet replacement efforts or something else, the 777F remains available.

However, while the 777-8F and even Airbus’ rival A350F bring greater technological advancements, they are still many years away and, therefore, a more long-term solution to short-term needs, which doesn’t align.

Silk Way highlights the advanced technology of the 777F and, thus, its operational reliability, which makes it renowned for its fantastic environmental performance, which includes reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Mar 2024
· Aircraft 
· Freight 

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