Ryanair Announces Major Expansion

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 registered as EI-ENT departing from France

Ryanair has announced a massive expansion following a USD 1.4 billion investment in Morocco for 2024.

Ryanair’s Big Morocco Deal

As part of a massive investment, Ryanair has unveiled its most extensive summer schedule to Morocco, with over 1,100 weekly flights spread across 175 routes. However, included in the network are 35 new routes set for launch.

Ultra-low-cost fares will also arrive on 11 Moroccan domestic routes as part of the record summer schedule delivered to over 5 million passengers. Ryanair forecasts this to be a 33% growth, therefore.

The investment supports over 500 jobs for pilots, engineers and cabin crew. However, Ryanair says that extends beyond to jobs in tourism, which can be sustained across several leading cities.

Unpacking The New Ryanair Schedule

Ryanair’s new schedule from Morocco is extensive, with 11 new domestic routes set to be offered and 24 new international services.

Notably, the airline will offer service from key Moroccan airports to destinations in the United Kingdom, such as Birmingham, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leeds, and Manchester.

Further connectivity to key European markets will also exist, with Lisbon, Barcelona, Stockholm, Milan, and Tenerife featured.

An overview of the 35 new routes set to be offered to/from Morocco by Ryanair

Comments From Executives

This record S24 schedule will see Ryanair operate over 175 routes, launch 35 new routes incl. 11 domestic routes at low fares, which will boost tourism and connectivity within the Kingdom with fares from just MAD330 each way. Ryanair will also open a new 2 aircraft base in Tangier (4th Morocco base), creating over 60 highly paid aviation jobs in Tangier. This will take Ryanair’s total investment in the Kingdom to over US$1.4bn, employing 500 people directly, and supporting thousands of jobs in the local tourism economy.

Ryanair DAC’s CEO, Eddie Wilson

Analysing The Ryanair Fleet

Ryanair’s fleet spans 288 in-service aircraft, and 11 are listed as parked, per the latest data, which brings the total to 299.

All of Ryanair’s aircraft are spread across the Boeing 737 family, heavily relying on the 737-800 and 737-8.

The addition of 79 in-service aircraft from the 737 MAX series marks the beginning of a new era for the airline as it progresses to more next-generation aircraft types.

Additionally, 209 737-800s remain in service, with 10 listed as parked. The 737-800s average 14.3 years and form the backbone of the fleet.

Looking ahead, Ryanair will rely heavily on the upcoming 737-10. However, as Boeing still awaits certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, delays have been incurred in taking delivery of the type.

Recapping Ryanair’s Morocco Investment

To conclude, Ryanair will base 14 aircraft in Morroco across four separate locations. The belief is that over 5 million passengers will be transported to and from the Kingdom.

Additionally, 175 total routes will be offered; included in this are 35 new routes coming to the summer schedule. Of the 35 new routes, 24 are international, and 11 are domestic. Ryanair will serve 12 airports in Morocco alone, with two new airports joining the network.

Lastly, Ryanair, through this investment and extensive route network, will support over 500 professional jobs. This includes pilots, cabin crew, engineers and many other crucial roles extending to tourism.

Daniel Fowkes
14 Dec 2023
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