Riyadh Air Livery Revealed

Riyadh Air's first Boeing 787 revealing the livery to be used on the aircraft

Upcoming Saudi-Arabia-based Riyadh Air has officially unveiled its livery to feature on aircraft as it gears up for the launch of operations.

The airline will initially fly the Boeing 787s and be an all-Boeing operator.

The airline’s livery features large titles towards the front of the aircraft, meanwhile tones of purple throughout this full-body livery.

As for the company’s goals, Riyadh Air aims to serve 100 destinations worldwide. It hopes also to grow the economy in the region and boost tourism levels.

Thirty-nine firm orders for the 787-9 exist with options for an additional 33 if they wish to activate them, a sizeable commitment that could look to increase with the addition of the 737 MAX as a deal for 150 of these is highly speculated.

The R-style logo, between what looks to be an aeroplane window, can be seen on multiple parts of the aircraft and is the focal point of the plane’s tail. This is also where a lighter shade, more like lavender, is present.

The selection of lavender follows the importance of this to Saudi Arabia’s culture and how prominently it is seen during spring time.

Riyadh Air is currently targeting a 2025 launch, with preparations well underway. Tony Douglas, known for his role at Etihad Airways, switched to the new company in recent times and will lead the carrier as its Chief Executive Officer.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Jun 2023
· Airlines 

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