REX 737 Makes Emergency Landing In Melbourne

A REX Boeing 737 was forced to perform an emergency landing at Melbourne Airport.

A decision by pilots flying the aircraft was made to make the emergency landing following reports of smoke inside the cabin.

REX says there were 146 passengers on board the service, and the aircraft safely landed in Melbourne shortly after an inflight emergency was declared.

While details are scarce on the incident, what has been noted is that there was reportedly smoke in the rear lavatory.

Flight ZL31 was operating from Sydney to Melbourne. One of Rex’s latest route connections following the acquisition of Boeing 737s during the pandemic. They’ve quickly become a popular alternative for travel on Australia’s most important route and one of the busiest in the world.

The aircraft landed safely and then taxied to the gate, where all passengers exited the aircraft safely. The plane was soon cleared to continue flying after engineers were dispatched to attend the scene.



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