Quality Must Improve Before 737 MAX Production Increase

Daniel Fowkes
21 Mar 2024
· Aircraft 
The FAA has reaffirmed its stance that the only way production of the 737 can increase is if quality issues and culture are mended for good.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Chief Mike Whitaker spoke with Reuters about the ongoing investigations into Boeing and their implications.

As part of these investigations, the FAA has said that Boeing must first focus on improving its safety culture and also address key quality issues.

Only once these core areas can be cleared will the FAA finally allow Boeing to increase production, which has been put on hold for some time.

Hiking production of the popular 737 program was considered an essential part of the 2024 schedule; however, when new quality issues emerged, those plans were visibly put on hold.

For Boeing, the FAA barred an increase in production and labelled it unprecedented. The view is that if an increase occurred, focus would shift away from core matters.

Boeing is permitted to produce a maximum of 38 737 jets per month, a lower amount than what would ideally be liked. However, given the recent months at the manufacturer, reaching this amount is not exactly possible.

Over time, the company should be able to work back up to the maximum amount permitted by the FAA. An increase would only be allowed once Boeing can prove to the FAA that it has implemented critical changes in its business.

Compiling an adequate comprehensive plan, which was requested at the end of February, will be essential in allowing a production increase. The manufacturer was given 90 days, and several requirements were outlined that it needed to meet.

The hope is that moving forward, Boeing won’t have these problems continue to emerge once or twice a year but never again. To achieve that, however, the FAA says its oversight of the manufacturer must increase significantly.

Airline customers must remain in contact with Boeing regarding the delays. However, with time, the frustrations of each airline’s customers continue to grow as Boeing’s problems impact their schedules.

Ultimately, in the future, Boeing will want to submit its turnaround plan successfully, continue implementing key new pillars, and, in the long term, become an industry leader again.

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