Qatar Airways Says Goodbye To Boeing 747-8 Freighters

Qatar Airways has reportedly said goodbye to its Boeing 747-8Fs, with UPS acquiring the two units to boost its freight operations.

UPS has confirmed it acquired two additional Boeing 747-8 Freighters, thus boosting its overall freight fleet with these jumbo jets.

However, with production having ceased for the Boeing 747-8 program, the only way to acquire additional units is through customers who had previously operated the type.

UPS says that the 747-8 Freighters it acquired are from Qatar Airways, which, while not confirmed by the Doha-based company, has removed the type from its fleet.

Qatar & The Boeing 747

Qatar Airways previously delivered two Boeing 747-8Fs, registered as A7-BGA and A7-BGB. These joined the fleet in 2017.

While Qatar still says they have a Boeing 747-8F to their name, it becomes increasingly evident through fleet data that both these aircraft registered with the airline are now slated to be headed to UPS.

Away from the 747-8F, Qatar Cargo’s fleet is primarily dominated by the Boeing 777F, which has proved essential to the company’s broader cargo operations. Looking ahead, the company will rely on the 777-8F.

Thus, moving away from the 747-8F shouldn’t be deemed a shock, especially with several executives making it clear they’d ideally move towards only 777 Freighters in the future.

UPS’ Commitment To The Boeing 747

Increasing UPS’s portfolio of Boeing 747s is essential to align with its strategy of reducing fleet age and improving efficiency.

Adding these Boeing 747-8Fs will allow further removal of MD-11 Freighters. Fleet data indicates that UPS has 32 of these in service. However, the average age of the aircraft is 29.5 years; thus, alongside the Boeing 757F, it is the oldest in their fleet.

In contrast, the 747-8Fs only average 4.2 years and will thus be hugely influential in the future. The two future units will bring their total commitment to the 747-8F to 30 units.

Daniel Fowkes
14 Feb 2024
· Aircraft 
· Freight 

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