Qatar Airways Denied Australian Expansion

Qatar Airways Airbus A380 arriving into Melbourne Airport

Qatar Airways’ alongside United Airlines, has been one of the fastest-growing airlines in the Australian market in recent years.

During the pandemic, it remained one of the only international carriers flying and has looked to build upon trust and quality by adding more Australian services.

However, any plans on adding services to cities or expanding to new ones will not be moving ahead following the Australian government rejecting a request by the Doha-based airline.

Qatar Airways had viewed adding more routes as a means to compete in the Australian market and take market share away from existing carriers, especially for airlines that fly into Australia via an Asian or Middle East port and onwards to Europe.

The Doha-based airline has continued to be there for Australians across multiple years, with the pandemic-related effort not being their only notable point. The airline believed that the support it showed to the country would be appreciated and aid them in expanding. However, the Australian government has said otherwise.

Local Australian media reported that the airline had state premier backing, but higher up, there were rumblings over the potential issues it would cause to a recovery Australian aviation industry.

According to most, this is largely seen as a direct means of ensuring national carrier and largely criticised Qantas retains market share and fends off any competition, which it is increasingly seeing more of.

For airports and customers, a decision to refuse Qatar Airways’ further expansion comes as a blow, as eager airlines are always hard to deny unless dictated by the government, where airports have a say but are hardly listened to.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Jul 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Thats a terrible decision. Qantas is unreliable way too expensive rude staff and have alot of issues with the planes . They are not the Australian airlines of old.
    Let the best airline in the world into more cities Ask the people . Don’t make decisions for the people .

  2. Protectionism. I cannot believe that Australia would actually use such a tactic.
    Free skies are for all travellers, an Australians are entitled to the best deals available.
    Why protect and coddle QANTAS when they are so deep into government assistance. Let QANTAS work their way into the real world, and make honest money.
    And the Australian government should not hinder progress by being such a bully.

  3. This is a disgrace Qantas left Australians stranded with no care unless the Government paid the airline to retrieve our people during covid,Qatar flew daily flights every day to get our people home costing the company thousands per flight because of the Government’s capped numbers and this is the way there repayed,Australia is a country that promotes competition i guess not in this case Qantas has been protected for years and that’s why we pay a premium for air travel.

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