Qantas Says Goodbye To First Boeing 717

Qantas is inching closer and closer to the renewal of its narrowbody operations as it says goodbye to its first Boeing 717.

The first registered 717 will depart officially in June, and gradually, they’ll continue to be phased out from the QantasLink operations.

A decision to say goodbye to the 717 comes as the aircraft ages and the Qantas Group undergoes a significant fleet renewal. The fleet renewal, however, doesn’t just stick to the narrowbody operations within the group. Qantas will also overhaul its widebody operations with more 787s arriving and soon the A350 series joining to complete Project Sunrise flights.

The Airbus A220 has been selected as the replacement for the 717 has flown for multiple decades in Australia and has played a pivotal role in transporting people around the country. As a result, it has earnt the title of a workhorse and icon of Australian skies.

29 Airbus A220s will replace the 717s with the first Airbus A220 arriving towards the backend of 2023. Labelled as the end of an era, Qantas will continue to celebrate the life of the 717 until the last departs the group.

However, while part of the journey is the end, the departing 717s will allow a more efficient aircraft to join the operations with more capacity and a more extended range. As such, new route possibilities will be opened up for the group that wasn’t possible with the 717.

Therefore, retirement, while ending a multi-decade operation, is also exciting for the group and the Australian aviation industry as new opportunities arise.


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