Qantas Resumes New York Flight

Daniel Fowkes
15 Jun 2023
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Qantas has officially returned to New York after a multi-year absence stemmed on thanks to the effects of the global pandemic.

The launch of services sees a three-times weekly flight heading to the Big Apple via Auckland, New Zealand, providing further competition to Air New Zealand’s nonstop Auckland to New York service. Qantas has once more selected Sydney, New South Wales, as the origin point for this flight.

Qantas’ route will be operated by a 787 with the vision once the Airbus A350s are delivered to transition this to a nonstop Sydney to New York route thanks to the A350’s capabilities and thus free up another 787 for other international markets.

New York City is an integral part of the Qantas route network, and as such, having been missing since 2020, there’s been a noticeable gap in the flying kangaroo’s international portfolio.

The journey to Auckland takes 3 hours and 5 minutes before a multi-hour layover. Following this, the aircraft will fly off to New York for 16 hours and 15 minutes without stopping. It, therefore, climbs its way into some of the longest flights in the world.

Alan Joyce says the resumption of the service will be essential for the tourism industry for those wishing to travel to NYC. He notes that the market has always been important for Qantas, and therefore a return after a lengthy period away is welcomed but also needed.

New 787 deliveries have occurred recently, meaning they can dedicate planes to servicing this all-important route. While calls for more 787 orders have come aplenty, the airline is managing its current fleet.

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