Qantas Eyes Boeing 787-10 Order

boeing 787-10 during test flights

Per Reuters, Qantas is closing in on a new deal for the Boeing 787-10 that would enhance its widebody offering and 787 presence.

According to a Reuters source, an unspecified number of 787-10s being ordered is likely following a fleet review by the Australian carrier.

Qantas welcomed its final 787 a month ago, and thus far, the aircraft has been a fantastic option for its widebody operations. Additionally, it has allowed it to grow its network substantially, making route pairings such as Perth to London possible and proving an efficient replacement for other ageing widebodies.

The Boeing 787-10 is the largest member of the 787 series and comes packed with additional capacity but still fantastic capabilities for range and flying. However, Qantas only operates the 787-9 at this stage. Thus the -10 would be a new type and a jump for the carrier.

There’s been much talk around Qantas securing new widebodies, with most under the firm belief that if Qantas wants to achieve future growth goals, the current crop of aircraft will not be enough, especially considering that the arrival of the A350-1000s will be for Project Sunrise operations.

With the return of the Airbus A380, pressure has eased on the 787-9s for international operations. However, strengthening the portfolio and allowing more routes to be made possible with something like the 787-10 would be incredibly helpful.

Qantas is studying a replacement for its Airbus A330 as part of its continued commitment to overhauling its fleet. The A330 is one of the last aircraft types that does need replacing. Such a Boeing 787-10, per Reuters, could fill the boots of the A330 while offering fleet commonality.

The Australian flag carrier only currently has 14 787-9s in service, with the view of growing its widebody flying the 787-10 if talks continue progressing in a positive direction could be the perfect option for them.

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22 Aug 2023
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  1. I’m all for Boeing all day everyday,but why the 787-10 and not the A350-900. is it because the new CEO of Qantas favors bowling over Airbus aircraft?

    1. Because maybe, just maybe, the 787-10 can suit their intra-continent and South Pacific/Asia flying needs? Jeez, some of you always act like it’s a great sin if someone evaluates 2 aircraft and decides that Boeing is the better choice. Perhaps think the A350-900 is overly capable for what they specifically need and it’s easier to integrate the 787-10 as they already have a 787 pilot pool in existence through mainline and Jetstar. Get a grip.

  2. Would be smart move for QF. 787-10 valid replacement for A330-300/200 – increase pax numbers, opportunity to provide premium economy class and better cabin expereince vs A330-900

  3. What about some nice changes to Brisbane? Im tired of flying to Sydney or being shuttled up to Brisbane from Sydney. Is a change coming for Brisbane filights to and From the USA?

  4. Boeing over the last 50 or more years have been such a great Supier of
    aircraft for QF Boeing now has the 777 X coming too. Yes 787 10 will work for QF ,they are just a spoilt Woke organisation that has forgotten the past

  5. Smart choice. Following Air New Zealand – A321neo and 787-10. Efficient combo. I guess the 350 is too much plane for regional?

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