Qantas Chairman To Depart In 2024

Daniel Fowkes
11 Oct 2023
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Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner VH-ZNK (LN 941 / MSN 66075) QF097 BNE-HKG

Qantas chairman Richard Goyder will depart the flag carrier in late 2024, per a statement.

The board renewal comes as the group recognises the current stance of its operation, which has dropped significantly over the years.

Before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled towards the latter part of 2024, Goyder will retire.

Talk of Goyder departing has been on the lips of many as the national carrier witnesses a shakeup to its board.

Qantas Group To See More Departures

While Richard Goyder will depart the airline in late 2024, non-executive director Michael L’Estrange is also slated to retire at this year’s AGM on November 3, 2023.

Jacqueline Hey and Maxine Brenner will leave their posts in February 2024 after ten years of service.

This follows Alan Joyce, the longstanding CEO of Qantas, departing earlier than expected and handing over the reins to Vanessa Hudson.

Joyce’s departure came as tensions rose in the group, and those close to the group believed Joyce’s departure was necessary.

Qantas Wants To Improve

One of Vanessa’s first ports of call has been to rebuild the reputation of the Qantas brand. Many would argue that it has reached a point of no return.

Vanessa noted Qantas had been a part of Australia for over a century. While acknowledging times were tough now, she believed the group could recover.

Despite a new CEO and board changes, work still must be done. Current Qantas employees, ex-employees, and analysts have firmly assumed that only further changes will facilitate this direction.

The departure of Richard Goyder is what many would call a step in the right direction. However, some believe more must be done.

Comments From Outgoing Qantas Chairman Richard Goyder

As a Board, we acknowledge the significant reputational and customer service issues facing the Group and recognise that accountability is required to restore trust. Qantas has gone through an incredibly difficult period since our operation was grounded during the pandemic. The recovery has not been easy, and mistakes were made. We again apologise for those times where we got it wrong.

Chairman Richard Goyder

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