Qantas Buys More A220s


Qantas has announced that it’ll exercise purchase options for an additional 9 A220-300s. A decision that is part of its ambition to revolutionise its fleet. This comes following the group’s commitment to Airbus narrowbody aircraft for the future of its operations in 2022.

The additional Airbus A220s are expected to arrive towards the back end of the decade, from 2026 to 2027. However, A220s will already be flown in the group by this point. Nevertheless, signing this commitment is an encouraging boost to the A220 program and Qantas’ appreciation for what it’ll do.

In total, the group will welcome 29 A220-300s. It’ll be the first airline to fly the A220s in Australia, improving its business in short-haul and medium-haul operations. Thanks to the A220’s capabilities, the group is excited about new city pairings and debuting new tech on existing services.

The A220s are expected to replace the 717s in the company’s fleet. A fantastic upgrade that highlights technological advancements. Qantas is also preparing for the departure of its ageing 737 fleets.

However, the departure of 737s and 717s marks the end of the road for two workhorses that have played a pivotal role in Qantas’ identity throughout Australia.

Qantas joins a host of companies that have committed to the Airbus A220. This family of aircraft has quickly become a leading choice in the sector.

Daniel Fowkes
24 Feb 2023
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