Qantas Adding More Airbus A220s

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On day 2 of the 2023 Paris Airshow, Airbus announced that Qantas had finalised a firm order for nine additional Airbus A220 aircraft.

The A220 will be a backbone to the Qantas Group regional operations as they transition from the ageing Boeing 717s to the A220, with the first slated to arrive later this year.

As a result of the latest commitment, the airline will eventually welcome 29 total Airbus A220s to its wider group, where the efficiency will massively boost operations and give the company additional capabilities it didn’t have with the Boeing 717.

The 717s have been a true workhorse for Qantas, operating for over two decades. However, the units are certainly getting on in age, and the Airbus A220 was selected to replace the series.

Project Winton was first outlined towards the backend of 2021 when the airline sought manufacturers’ proposals to replace its existing 737s and 717s in the mainline and regional operation. Two months later, the group placed a substantial order with Airbus for a host of aircraft. This included notably the first commitment for the A220 series at the time.

We are pleased to announce this incremental order from Qantas. Best in class, the A220 will be the perfect platform for a domestic network that includes everything from short hops to flights of five hours and beyond. Combining efficiency, comfort and longer range, the A220 will also contribute from Day 1 to the carrier’s far-reaching Climate Action Plan.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International

Once flying, these Airbus A220s will be seen across Australia and potentially have room to head towards South-East Asia. This is thanks to their substantial range increase over the 717; a natural progression of technologies has made all this possible and is exciting for the company.

While an additional commitment, this was first announced in February of 2023 when Qantas said they intended to acquire further A220s; they’ve used the 2023 Paris Airshow as a point to say this has officially been firmed.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Jun 2023
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