Problems For Qantas Freight

QE B763F VH-EFR @ QF7525 Qantas Freight (Operated by Express Freighters) Boeing 767-381ERF VH-EFR (LN 939 / MSN 33510) QF7525 SYD-HKG

Qantas Freight is currently experiencing problems thanks to issues across the country.

Quoting a further two weeks, the freight division of the Qantas Group noted that it could be weeks before the backlog is cleared.

A Blackout Impacted Operations Across Australia

This comes directly from a system blackout that occurred on September 24. A few weeks ago, it was still hurting airports around Australia.

While Brisbane is slated to return to normal within the week, both ports of Melbourne and Sydney that deal with a substantial volume of traffic are expected to lag.

Working 24/7 To Recover Fully

While shipments have been a substantial focus of the delays, the freight company says it’s also struggling substantially with keeping freight arrivals moving through ports on time.

Extra resources and a 24/7 operation are working around the clock to speed up the recovery, equally deal with delivery areas, and spread distribution through the help of partner airlines.

While Qantas is working to fix the issues, criticisms have been directed towards the national carrier over a response time that lagged, alongside furious companies that are dealing with not just the delays but also the substantial repercussions.

The Qantas Freight Fleet

Qantas Freight operates a fleet of 12 aircraft spread across multiple aircraft types. Notably, its most prominent is the 737 series, where four units are distributed between the 737-300 and 737-400 series.

The newest entry to the Qantas Freight network has been the addition of the Airbus A330P2F, converted from passenger operations to now serve as a dedicated freighter, increasing overall capacity.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Oct 2023
· Freight 

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