Northern Pacific Boosts 757 Flights

Daniel Fowkes
31 Jul 2023
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northern pacific airways boeing 757-200 parked

Northern Pacific Airways, has announced plans to increase its operations from Ontartio in California to Las Vegas.

The startup airline will double the number of flights from the 3rd of August. This comes following a launch that occurred on the 1th of July.

Previously Northern Pacific Airways operated just the one weekly flight. Now, it’ll fly from Ontario on Sunday, Thursday and Friday before departing Vegas in Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Northern Pacific Airways operates with an exclusive fleet of Boeing 757s, however, its route from Ontario to Las Vegas is still a mile away from its initial business plan.

The company previously identified Alaska to Asia operations with the 757 during its launch phase, however, the invasion into Ukraine by Russia and subsequent airspace restrictions meant Northern Pacific had to pivot. The launch of Las Vegas flights are a means to get the aircraft in the air but by no means the end goal.

Inside Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport there is already a lounge that has been refurbished awaiting the arrival of the airline. When that is remains to be seen, but it remains a goal of the airline to be there for the people of Alaska.

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