Northern Pacific Airways Wins FAA Certification

Northern Pacific is only a matter of days away from flying its first scheduled passenger flight after it received a call from the CMO manager of the FAA.

The manager informed Rob McKinney, the airline’s CEO, that the company had passed every test and exceeded all expectations. Northern Pacific Airways is now an authorized airline that can fly the Boeing 757 with passengers onboard.

The company has been hard at work attempting to obtain the required approval for some time now. However, it has been forced several times to delay its launch.

Northern Pacific, which will fly initially exclusively with Boeing 757s, was unveiled in January of 2022 at a major event in San Bernadino. The company since, however, has been through a lot of ups and downs. The invasion of Ukraine and following airspace restrictions with Russia hampered their initial plans to fly from Alaska to Asian cities.

Since these plans are now in the company’s current state not possible, it has frantically attempted to find ways to get its aircraft in the air, and it has settled on an initial route from Ontario to Las Vegas.

The 197-mile flight will be operated by a 757-200 with Northern Pacific and will depart on Fridays from Ontario before spending a handful of days in Las Vegas before leaving on Sunday.

It’s an exciting milestone for the company to be a certified airline now and be able to get airborne with passengers. However, question marks around what will come following this Las Vegas endeavour and whether they’ll be able to fly their initial sooner rather than later route plan out of a newly refurbished terminal in Alaska.


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